“My biggest challenge with prioritizing my wellness is actually prioritizing it (i.e. putting it first). With so many people’s needs and expectations at the forefront of my mind, I often move more quickly toward the gratification of making others happy through service and a job well done. But daily, I am learning to remind myself that taking care of myself is, by default, taking care of others. After all, I can’t fall apart trying to hold it all together. The truth is that when my mental, spiritual, physical and emotional tanks are fuller, I am better equipped to serve others. I am more creative, less snappy and overwhelmed, more vibrant, sharp and optimistic.
But it’s not all about others. I also have come to embrace that I am valuable, worthy and important enough to take care of me simply because I exist. We are each unique, one of a kind creations-rare jewels and we should treat ourselves accordingly.” Ali Watson

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