Got period fatigue? No worries, it’s pretty common. During prime PMS time our estrogen levels (female sex horomone) rises, then falls which can leave you feeling fatigued. 

Fatigue before and during period: what causes it?

The roller coaster ride that is our hormones are one of the main culprits to causing the fatigue before and during our period, but other elements come into play too.

Yes, we know this feeling. Cravings of sugary and salty foods are totally normal. But this can also lead to bloating, energy level drops and more. Mix in some whole foods for a nice balance.

Iron deficiency
Low iron levels can greatly impact your energy, especially around the time of the month. It’s a good idea to know your baseline and know your levels.

Ofcourse being stressed, dehydration, other nutrient deficiencies as well as an underlying health condition can heighten your feelings of fatigue.

Here’s 4 ways to beat period fatigue.

1. Use a period tracker

Not only does it predict your next period, but you can track your emotions and energy levels so you are prepared for any adjustments you should make in your diet & lifestyle routine.

2. Get balanced with your eating routine

Be consistent with your meals/snacks to keep you energized t/o the day. Add more plant-based foods & stay hydrated around this time. And yes, you can have your chocolate too! 

3. Get a good night’s sleep

I know it’s easier said than done, but ensuring you’re fully rested is crucial to fighting pre-menstrual fatigue. 

4. Move that ass!

For an energy boost, give exercise a go. Get the blood flowing and heart racing to release those endorphins. 

Sis, If you’ve tried all the things & still feel exhausted, go to the doctor to see if there’s an underlying issue.