Hey girl, how connected are you to your body? Your body is a great communicator. It’s constantly working and takes no days off so it’s up to you to listen and get all the way in tune. That takes lots of practice. But it’s never too late to begin. Getting in touch with your body can be pretty challenging, especially for the newbies here. Life can become very routine so constant check-ins are a must. You don’t want to miss out on any important messages your body is sending you. Don’t ignore the signs!

Become the expert of your own body, don’t let others dictate what you need to do. Maybe you need a nourishing meal, or a good nap or even a good cry (totally normal, btw). Once you gain more control of your body, you will be more connected. You’ll know when you are full or when you’re hungry, or if you’ve reached your limit for the day, and so on.

Take time to foster a deep connection with your body because it will be so worth it. Here are 5 simple ways you can work on connecting with your body.

1. Explore what your body feels like

Take time to “feel” your body, literally. Touch your arms, your thighs, your stomach. Do a body scan with your hands. This helps you to have a baseline of your body so you know when something feels abnormal and you can’t act on it quickly. What does it feel like to be in your skin? How do your breasts feel like? (gentle reminder to check your breast regularly), how do your legs feel when you walk? Are your muscles tense? You are stuck with your body so get cozy!

2. Talk nice! Send love to all parts of your body

The body love journey is an interesting one and as women, our bodies are constantly changing. What your body looked like in your teenage years may not be what it looks like now and that is completely normal. Your body is amazing. Talk nice to your body. Say great things about it, even when you don’t want to. Your body needs love too, it works hard to keep you going throughout each day. Show compassion to your body. 

3. Eat slowly and take breaks between bites

Eating slowly is a practice that will take time. To help you slow down, try focusing on your breathing between adding another bite. Take one breath in and then breathe out between feeding yourself. By slowing the amount of time it takes to eat your meal, you are able to appreciate the food you did consume while connecting with your fullness cue. Savor each bite girl! 

4. Dress in a way that makes you feel and look good

When you look good, you feel good! Okay this may not be for everyone, but it really does help with body connection. The way you dress your body is a way to honor its authenticity. You deserve to wear amazing things! Shop for clothes that compliment your body. Get bedazzled with jewelry, and yes buy those cute shoes you’ve had your eyes on!

5. Keep track of the way food makes you feel

How do certain foods make you feel? Bloated? Tired? Energized? Happy? Warm? Keeping track of the way certain foods make you feel allows you to become more in tune with your body. Use a food journal or your phone to keep track. You’ve got to start from somewhere! You got this.