Welcome! Are you ready to invest in your health?! My name is Valerie and I am a Women’s Dietitian. I help women build healthy habits for long-term, better health. I specialize in women’s health nutrition. I can help you nourish well with PCOS, pre-diabetes and high cholesterol to name a few. Don’t waste another second, apply for 1:1 nutrition counseling and let me help you be the best healthy version of yourself! Let’s flourish!

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Join in on our expert-led health and wellness workshops and events. Need a food and nutrition expert to lead a workshop at your conference, retreat, lunch-and-learns, health fairs, or next event? We are available all year round both virtual & in-person to provide interactive workshop and discussions on a wide-variety of health topics.


We translate nutrition science into easy-to-digest messages to meet the needs of your audience. With a focus on women’s health and wellness, we deliver engaging, interactive and educational messages that is both relatable and fun.


We love to work with brands and companies whose messaging align with our nutrition philosophy. We are available to write for magazines, branded materials and company websites. We also do spokesperson work & digital campaigns.

Flourish Heights Girl Chat puts the spotlight on women who share insights from their wellness journey, while sharing fun videos and tips to encourage, inspire and motivate you to thrive in wellness. Let’s be empowered, energized and elevated! Be apart of the community,  join the convo and let’s do this together!