Written by FH Contributor and HAES Advocate, Lauryn Woodruff

No matter what the focus is for your wellness journey this year, you will definitely benefit from including a mental health component. Humans thrive on connection, and the lack of connection we collectively experienced last year was overwhelming and stressful, so we need to put some time and energy into helping our mind flourish!

One way you can focus on your mental health and overall wellness is through journaling. It is a great way to release mental stresses and it can be used to reflect and hold yourself accountable. When it comes to setting and completing goals it’s also beneficial to write the goals and intentions down (old school paper and pen style) to increase the chances of being successful. 

Here are 10 journaling prompts to consider:

1. Write a few ways you would like to treat yourself. Being kind to yourself is a major key. Try not to attach these treats to food or tie them to other accomplishments (ex. If I complete this goal, I can have that treat). The key is to treat yourself for the sake of being kind to yourself. 

2. What are some positive things I can say to myself? If this is difficult for you, start small with something like, “I like my eyes,” or “I appreciate being able to help friends and family” and work up from there.  

3. Write down what inspires and motivates you at this point in your wellness journey. Dig deep and ask yourself why, until you get to the most honest answer. This can help improve your internal motivation!

4. What kind of support do I need? What does that look like, and from who? Not all journeys are meant to be completed alone. 

5. What ideas and beliefs do not serve me in my wellness journey?

6. What would I say to myself or suggest for myself in times when I need encouragement?  

7. Why have I not been successful with [x] goal? Dig deep until you find the most honest answer. Then, find out how you can overcome this obstacle. 

8. Free write about your day and feelings. See where it takes you! 

9. Where does my energy come from and where does it go to?

10. Write about rest and slowing down. How can you use this to focus and reset? On any journey, you’ll need to take a break and refocus. Think about what rest means to you, and what that would look like? Is it logging off of social media? Maybe it’s taking a mental health day off from work.

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