1. Welcome to FHGC! Thank you for joining us. Tell me about yourself and what keeps you blooming in your purpose?

Hello! I’m Vanessa Ulrich, the blogger behind The Primpy Sheep, where I create content around fashion, travel, and stylish destinations like hotels and art exhibitions. My editorial aesthetic is influenced by vintage movies and travel magazines. I’ve spent my life exploring – living internationally, studying abroad, and honing my taste for well-designed products, spaces, and experiences. I’m passionate about meeting new people and collaborating with other creatives. Baltimore has such a terrific creative energy that keeps me driven in my work.

2. What does wellness mean to you in one word and how are you balancing wellness everyday?

To me, wellness is balance. That means allowing there to be room for things like sleeping in when I need it, having a pizza when I crave it, not exercising when I’m sick, etc. I find it’s important for my health to be too extreme in any one way and to make room for whatever my mind and body needs in the moment.

3. What’s an exciting accomplishment you have made so far on your wellness journey??

I’ve done yoga my whole life, but last year I started going to a studio 3-4 times a week for hour-long classes. It’s helped me be more consistent and rigorous with my practice, and my body is so much stronger!

4. What do you wish you had known at a younger age, in regards to your health and wellness?

I feel very lucky that my parents – especially my Mom – have always championed healthy, balanced lifestyles. So my wellness philosophy today is basically what I’ve grown up with.

5. The FH lifestyle is about planting your health on higher ground. What is your biggest advice to someone who is on the path to flourishing heights?

My advice would be to pursue strategies you can follow through with in the long term. It’s all about building good habits now that will last into your middle and old age. If a diet or exercise regimen is so extreme it burns you out, you won’t reap long-term benefits. Wellness is a life-long endeavor, so go slow and steady!

Thank you so much Vanessa for joining us at FH GIRL CHAT! <3

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