WRITTEN BY ROCHELLE YOUNG, RD, LDN OF PRETTY HEALTHY Approximately 1,400 chemicals in personal care and cosmetic products are currently banned in other countries like Europe. However here in the U.S, thirty chemicals are banned in products. How is this? Shouldn’t safety and well-being be a top priority in the US? Since the Food and Drug Association regulates personal care products,… View Post

Written by Rochelle Young, RD, LDN of Pretty Healthy Dealing with acne that no topical treatment has solved? Got thinning hair, but can’t find the right treatment? The solution to your beauty dilemmas could simply be related to your diet. Emerging research suggests that diets high in dairy, or even simple carbohydrates may be linked to various skin conditions such… View Post

TIPS TO VIBRANT SKIN   Got a love-hate relationship with your skin? It’s okay, that’s pretty normal. We believe nutrition plays a big role in maintaining skin health and keeping your skin vibrant and beautiful. It starts from within. It’s an internal thing. Skin is the largest organ with many functions including regulating body temperature, protection from external environment, as… View Post