1. Welcome to FHGC! Thank you for joining us. Tell me about yourself and what keeps you blooming in your purpose?

Hey guys!! I really appreciate the invitation to share a little bit of myself with the Flourish Heights Girl Chat!  My name is Sayon Dore more so known for my blog www.honestlyextra.com. I am a 25-year-old Fashion Blogger. What keeps me blooming is the fact that I get to share my biggest passion with women and men all over the world. I get to create content that people will see and enjoy.

2. What does wellness mean to you, in one word? 

Wellness in one word to me means clean. I haven’t always been the cleanest eater but the older I get I care more about what goes I my body.

3. What’s an exciting accomplishment you have made so far on your wellness journey??

I think just being more self-aware, learning more about food and what goes into it. I also surround myself with health-conscious people so that it can hold me accountable for everything I do!

4. What do you wish you had known at a younger age, in regards to your health and wellness?

DRINK WATER, water, water, water is key and essential to a healthy lifestyle. I remember I hated drinking water and now I actually cannot live life without.

5. The FH lifestyle is about planting your health on higher ground. What is your biggest advice to someone who is on the path to flourishing heights?

Make adjustments that are good for you and that fits your lifestyle. It’s so easy for us to compare ourselves to others but staying true to yourself is the best. Then that will make it easy for you to change your lifestyle.

Thank you so much Sayon, for joining us at FH GIRL CHAT! <3

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