Written by FH Contributor Kamryn Hines

You know what they say ladies, health is wealth! And that could not be more true for your reproductive health!! If you’re anything like the average woman, you often find yourself often putting everyone’s health before your own. Whether it be friends, loved ones, or your kids. As women we can often want to shy away from discussing the topic of reproductive health because it is so personal. However, did you know that some of the most common women’s health issues are the most preventable with regular screening? Here are 5 reasons why you should put your reproductive health first!

1. Your mom, sister, and grandma’s medical history plays an important role in your own health risk!

Did you know that recommendations for mammograms and pap tests depend on your family medical history? According to the CDC, for women whose mothers, sister’s, or grandmothers have not been diagnosed with cervical cancer (average-risk women) the recommendation is to get a Pap smear every year starting at the age of 21. However, recommendations change if you have pertinent medical history. 

2. Diet and Exercise do not prevent everything!

While eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can do alot to prevent things like heart disease, extra care is still needed for your womanhood! Things like family history, whether or not you’ve had children, and whether or not you have breastfed your children, HPV, an immune system problem, age, and taking oral contraceptives all have a significant influence on where you are at in your reproductive health and the steps you need to maintain it. Being in regular contact with your OB/GYN will help to determine your health risk. 

3. Early detection makes a huge difference

All of us hope and pray that we will never receive any abnormal results from mammogram and pap screenings. However, it is important to remember that 93% of breast cancers and 92% of cervical cancers can be cured if caught in the earliest stage. While self-exams are important, formal routine screening is the only sure way to catch it early! 

4. You can safely prepare for your future

Let’s be real, you may not be in the place of wanting children in your current stage of life. However, it is still essential to maintain good reproductive health if you do hope to have children one day. Regular check-ups with your OB/GYN will give you the space to discuss issues related to preconception and what you can do to make sure your health is in a good place before you begin having children.


5. You can address chronic issues like irregular menstruation, hormone problems, etc.

There really is no other place to get clear answers regarding your unique health concerns than your healthcare provider. Women’s health experts are knowledgeable on how to help you address chronic issues you may be experiencing like irregular and painful periods, hormone imbalances, other pain and discomfort, etc. Utilizing your provider as a resource will give you the space to talk about these very personal and confusing experiences, so that you don’t have to go at it alone! 

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