A NUTRITIOUS, FRESH AND JUICY SALAD   When you think of a salad, you never think of throwing in some grains and fruit, right? A salad doesn’t always have to be on the savory side. Add your favorite fruits,  vegetables, and grains to make it wholesome and nutrient dense. We are always looking for creative ways to boost our grains,… View Post

A PROTEIN PACKED SNACK   Chickpeas can be used in many recipes. We love them so much because of their fiber content that aids in digestive health. Not only are chickpeas high in fiber, they are an excellent source of protein and perfect choice for those looking to regulate and manage their blood sugars. Add your favorite herbs and seasonings and… View Post

GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR SPIRALIZER   Looking for a light, healthy and kid-friendly meal? You’ve come to the right place. We enjoy using cool kitchen tools like our hand held spiralizer to make healthy eating fun and exciting! This recipe is low in carbs, fat and calories. You can make this fort for lunch, dinner or as a side! We… View Post

SATISFY YOUR SWEET AND SALTY CRAVINGS   This healthy snack tastes just as great as potato chips and are a healthier alternative. Carrots are packed with many nutrients like vitamin k, and B vitamins to help improve heart health and give you a boost of energy! They also contain antioxidants to fight off diseases in your body. This is a… View Post

GUILT FREE TREATS   Hot Summery days call for simple DIY popsicles. Especially when they are nutritious. No added sugars over here! You can purchase ice pop molds from almost any grocery store now. They are so worth it.  If you have children, have them help you with these simple treats. Grab your favorite yogurt, fruits and oats and you’ve… View Post