A COLORFUL JUICY SALAD WITH A HINT OF SWEETNESS Increase your fruit and vegetable intake this season with this extremely easy spring salad. This colorful salad is so well-balanced, and is filled with essential nutrients your body needs to function. Not only that, it has a mix of savory, sweet and juicy flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy as… View Post

JUMP INTO SPRING WITH A VIBRANT, BALANCED DISH It’s hard to resist a pasta dish that looks so vibrant and delicious. With a wide variety of pasta’s shapes and textures to select from, we never get tired of trying new flavors and ingredients. This very simple and balanced dish is one you can make in under 30 minutes, perfect for… View Post

SOAK IN ALL THE FLAVORS OF MOROCCO IN ONE BITE   These meatballs are a wonderful way to introduce your taste buds to the amazing flavors of Morocco.  We paired lean ground chicken with spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon for a semi-sweet and savory combo, which pairs perfectly with rice or pasta. 

A SWEET AND SAVORY BITE-SIZED TREAT     Love is sweet, and so are these crostini bites. We love the combination of brie cheese (our favorite) and fruit. It’s a great way to mix up sweet with savory. We are celebrating Valentine’s Day with this treat! It is a great appetizer, side or dessert. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy… View Post

YOUR LIGHT, FLAVORFUL AND COLORFUL GO- TO SALAD.   This delicious light salad is packed with flavors that you will love. Not only that, it is also packed with protein-rich edamame (soybean), vitamins, minerals and fiber making it a nutrient-dense salad, great by itself or as a side dish. The best part about this salad, are the spiralized vegetables! We… View Post