1. Welcome to FHGC! Thank you for joining us. Tell me about yourself and what keeps you blooming in your purpose?

Hi! My name is Nana Agyemang and I am a Ghanaian multimedia journalist who loves fashion and feels very strongly about telling the stories of underrepresented people and communities. I am a Content Strategist at Refinery29 and Founder of EveryStylishGirl, a fashion media platform that focuses on uplifting women of color through stylish, influential women’s stories.

2. What does wellness mean to you, in one word? How are you balancing wellness in your everyday life?

Wellness in one word means discipline. I try to be as disciplined as I can by cutting back on sweets on a regular, working out 2 to 3 times a week and doing lots of cooking at home. My favorite meal to prepare recently has been Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta with lots of lemon juice!

3. What’s an exciting accomplishment you have made so far on your wellness journey?

I would say my sugar detox! I went a month without hard candies, cookies, brownies, etc and it was the best feeling ever. My skin has never felt more radiant!

4. What do you wish you had known at a younger age in regards to your health and wellness?

I wish I knew that cooking was cheaper than spending money out at Burger King.

5. The FH lifestyle is about planting your health on higher ground. What is your biggest advice to someone who is on the path to flourishing heights?

Don’t ever fully cut out anything you love. I recommend just learning self-discipline, this can be applied to your diet regime but also to your life in general. If you can create more control over what goes into your body imagine the control over anything else that tries to enter your life. It’s a great feeling of power you are giving to yourself.

Thank you so much Nana, for joining us at FH GIRL CHAT! <3

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