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 Tangela is a nutritionist with an M.S. in nutrition and health promotion from Simmons University and a B.S. in communication from Boston University. Tangela’s passion for nutrition, health equity, food justice, and women’s health drives her current work in nutrition research, nutrition communications, and health education. She works closely with culturally connected nutrition organizations to provide real-world solutions to racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in health. In her free time, she loves cooking, reading, yoga, and long walks in good weather. You can connect with Tangela on Instagram


Lauren is a 2018 Loyola University Graduate with a passion for health and wellness. Her interests include connecting with community through fitness and nutrition, and researching preventative nutrition options. Lauren’s passion for health and wellness really started within the fitness space, but she is now focusing on the “360 approach” to wellness and how significant of a role one’s nutrition and mental health plays into the overall equation. She is particularly passionate about women’s health issues, and about encouraging women to have the oftentimes difficult/taboo conversations to be their own advocate when it comes to all things health!


Rachel is a physical therapist with her PhD from SUNY Downstate. She currently works at at a local hospital. As an orthopedic physical therapist her interests involve working with post-operative patients, athletes and different members of the community in order to help them reach their physical and functional goals. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling and going to brunch! You can connect with Rachel on Instagram.


Claudia is an Iowa State University 2021 graduate with a double degree in nutritional sciences and dietetics. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in biochemical nutrition at the same institution. Claudia loves to spend time with friends and family in her free time, trying new recipes, going for runs, and doing yoga. She is passionate about nutrition research, as it has been a part of her life for almost three years. She has worked on various projects that focus on the role eating patterns play in polycystic ovary syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Her goal is to become a women’s health dietitian, and she hopes to use what she has learned in research to help women feel empowered by their bodies and break the stigma of diet culture.  





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