1. Welcome to FHGC! Thank you for joining us. Tell me about yourself and what keeps you blooming in your purpose?

My name is Jessica Bentu! I am a Model, creative, and the Co-Founder of a non-profit organization called Power to Girls Foundation. What keeps me blooming in my purpose is my passion and my mother’s prayers. I believe that everyone has God-given talents and gifts that shouldn’t go to waste.

2. What does wellness mean to you in one word and how are you balancing wellness everyday?

Growth. How I balance wellness in my everyday life is by journaling, practicing reflexivity, sleeping more, and daily affirmations (My favorite affirmation is “I can’t come and kill myself”). When life gets tough it’s really easy to not feel the urge to overcome these setbacks. By incorporating wellness into your journey, it’s a step towards living a balanced lifestyle. 

3. What’s an exciting accomplishment you have made so far on your wellness journey??

An exciting accomplishment I’ve made in my wellness journey was making the conscious decision to work on my sleeping habits. I kid you not, I’m the biggest night owl out there. At first, I had no issues with going to bed at 5 AM and waking up by noon because I believed it was best for me since my nights were super productive. However as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that how I start my day determines how it flows. And I actually realized that I am able to get a lot more done when I begin my day slightly earlier.

4. What do you wish you had known at a younger age, in regards to your health and wellness?

What I wished I had known at a younger age regarding my health and wellness journey is that it comes first and that I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking the time out to center myself. Engaging in self-care is ultimately the foundation of having a great day, week, and life. At that time, I had no clue what self-care was because it wasn’t taught in school or even my household. Having known what I know now about self-care, I would’ve known how to work on my anxiety.

5. The FH lifestyle is about planting your health on higher ground. What is your biggest advice to someone who is on the path to flourishing heights?

My biggest advice to someone who is on the path to flourishing heights is to take it one step at a time.. and to not compare your health journey to someone else. Your wellness journey is a journey.. not a one-time commitment. Be selfish with your time, energy, and space.

Thank you so much Jessica for joining us at FH GIRL CHAT! <3

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