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Mom & Entreprenuer Ali Watson talks prioritizing wellness!

“My biggest challenge with prioritizing my wellness is actually prioritizing it (i.e. putting it first). With so many people’s needs and expectations at the forefront of my mind, I often move more quickly toward the gratification of making others happy through service...

OBGYN Kiarra’s tip to all women

To the queens👑 happy #juneteenth! Let’s keep celebrating our lives, our health & wellness 🖤 Our friend Dr. Kiarra stopped by #FHgirlchat to share a little wellness inspo for you today!✨ Dr. Kiarra is a Chicago-based Obstetrician Gynecologist. In addition to being...

JAYLYNN’S Self-Care Routine

What's your latest self-care routine and how has that been bringing you joy? "My latest self care routine has been carving out at least 2 hours each day for myself. This allows me time to devote intentional & uninterrupted time to things that bring me joy. Whether...

Reproductive Wellness Series: LASHAWN

Reproductive Wellness Girl Chat Series   When it comes to reproductive wellness, how do you BLOOM? "I BLOOM by really understanding and listening to my body. More times than not, we as women will know that something is wrong and needs to be checked out but do to...

Reproductive Wellness Series: TYEAL

Reproductive Wellness Girl Chat Series   When it comes to reproductive wellness, how do you BLOOM? "I use yoni steams often and stay hydrated with lots of water and cranberry juice. Regular check ups at the doctors and self breast examinations as well". - Tyeal

Reproductive Wellness Series: ELIZABETH AWOSIKA

Reproductive Wellness Girl Chat Series   When it comes to reproductive wellness, how do you BLOOM? "Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet and by getting my annual check-up and doing self-exams as well". - Elizabeth Awosika, The Elizabeth...


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Yes, food is fuel for your body & filling your “tank” with the quantity & quality of food your body needs will help you operate at your best! But, food is also for enjoyment & connection. Connection to your body, connection to your culture, connection to others.

How do you view food? Is it a source of energy, pleasure, or a bit of both? Our bodies are far more complex than we realize. Our experience of taste, aroma, the love & intention put into the meal, the people around us & the joy of eating all add to the experience of nourishment.

Food can influence mood, emotions, behavior & food choices. Food is a comfort. Food is a way to feel connected. It is to be enjoyed too. And that’s okay. That’s a good thing..