Do you ever feel that you have no confidence? Maybe you try not to bring too much attention to yourself, or find it hard to be in certain situations for the fear of being judged by others. Do you feel as though you may have low self-worth? That is okay, no worries. We all are either going through that now, or have gone through it. You are not alone.

Believe it or not, confidence is such an important part of your wellness journey. You must be confident in being yourself in order to take full charge of your journey and accomplish your wellness goals. Once you are confident, you will feel like you are on top of the world! It isn’t easy, and it is a process. Discover how to build confidence today with these 5 tips to boost your confidence.

1. Recognize your unique beauty!

Original canvases are more valuable than prints, more plainly said, being your original self is far more valuable than a copy of someone else. The beautiful thing about life is the variations of beauty we all display! A rose is not out here trying to be a lilly, a butterfly is not trying to become a swan. You see, we were all created beautifully in our own way, and we all have a role to play. There are attributes you bring to the table of life that no one else does. Knowing that, brings a little more confidence in being in the skin you’re in.

2. Put an end to comparison

Oh comparison, it is such a human tendency. We like to know where we are ranked in comparison to others. We use celebrities, models and social media as standards of comparison. Well of course, most of these sources are completely unrealistic, celebrities and models may have surgeries or be photoshopped to the gods, while friends on social media are literally just posting highlights of their life! When you know and recognize the beauty of your originality, you will automatically resist comparison, and you’ll become your own standard!

3. Maintain health and fitness

Even the most confident person will be unable to put their best foot forward daily without being in good health. Boost your brain power with nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. Keep your immune system strong with vitamin c rich foods. If you are fatigued and have difficulty concentrating daily, have your iron levels checked by your primary care physician. The best source of iron is through easily absorbed meats such as beef and liver. Vegans should opt for iron supplements and iron rich vegetables paired with vitamin C sources, such as spinach and tomatoes. And of course, remember to stay hydrated. In addition to diet, be sure to exercise weekly, even if it is simply just yoga, or a short jog. Many know the scientifically proven benefits of exercise such as increased energy, weight loss, and an overall better mood, which all largely contribute to being confident in the skin you’re in.

4. Accept your weaknesses and imperfections

Perfectionism syndrome is real, it plaques many of us! We sometimes have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. No one has been, and will ever be perfect. Someone once said that beauty is found in imperfections. We have to accept things about ourselves that we view as a weakness or undesirable imperfection. After acceptance you have to own the weakness and imperfection, and find ways to make it work to the advantage you and others around you! Also be more gentle with yourself regarding weaknesses and imperfections. We tend to be so harsh on ourselves, thinking up negative thoughts that spiral into a quicksand of self doubt and fear. Observe your thoughts daily, take the negative into captive, and replace them with positive thoughts!

5. Practice daily gratitude and validation

Our brains are wired to think up “worse case scenarios” as a protective mechanism. So instead of thinking about things we are grateful for and that have gone right, we skip to the opposite. Re-train your brain, spend at least five minutes daily reflecting on things you are grateful for. It can be the smallest things, like I am grateful that I have my vision, and was able to wake up and look out the window this morning. Avoiding taking things for granted can build a stronger sense of self confidence, because you are aware of the value of yourself, and the attributes you possess! Knowing what you possess also makes it easier to validate yourself. Those who lack this self recognition of value, worth and attributes actively seek validation in other sources such as their peers and social media. So continue to self- validate yourself, show love and kindness to yourself, and practice gratitude within, you’ll be exuding confidence through your own skin in no time!