1. Welcome to FHGC! Thank you for joining us. Tell me about yourself and what keeps you blooming in your purpose?

My name is Elizabeth, and I am the founder and CEO of Purely Elizabeth, a health food company that focuses mainly on granola products. Early on in my career I knew my purpose was to inspire others to live a pure life especially in regards to the food we consume. As our company grows and evolves, I “bloom” by allowing myself to continuously be inspired by others. Whether it’s a podcast, lunch date with a fellow CEO, or chatting with health-conscious people on social media, I find it beneficial to keep myself engaged and inspired by others pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

2. What does wellness mean to you, in one word? How are you balancing wellness in your everyday life? 

Purity. Hence the word “purely” in the name of our company.  Because I believe that living purely: eating well, exercising regularly, spending time outdoors, having a health mindset, etc., is living a life of wellness. In regards to balance, I am a huge fan of the 80/20 rule, meaning that I focus most of my diet on plant-based proteins, greens and gluten-free grains and I exercise most days. However, I allow myself to occasionally have that slice of pizza or to have a rest day and sleep in. I am passionate about wellness but in a balanced, sustainable way.

3. What’s an exciting accomplishment you have made so far on your wellness journey?

One huge accomplishment was obtaining my certification as a Holistic Nutritionist from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). This experience allowed me to really expand my understanding of health and nutrition and allowed me to understand wellness in a more holistic sense. It is something I am very proud of and impacts a lot of what I do innovation-wise at Purely Elizabeth.

4. The FH lifestyle is about planting your health on higher ground. What is your biggest advice to someone who is on the path to flourishing heights?

Keep pursuing your health, stay dedicated to putting it first, but also remember to live a life of balance. Health and wellness does not have to mean one thing only. Find what works for your body and spirit and do that.

Thank you so much Elizabeth, for joining us at FH GIRL CHAT! <3

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