“Let’s be clear, the injustices that happen in this country are a direct result of systemic and structural inequities. Black and brown people disproportionately experience poverty, limited access to safe and affordable nutritious food, excessive access to fast and processed foods, bias in healthcare settings, extended time to diagnosis and proper treatment, limited affordable housing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and systemic illnesses.

The world of nutrition and wellness can do better. We work within a biased system and have to make conscious choices not to replicate hate or provide care from preconceived notions. When black and brown boys like my son walk into healthcare offices for care I know they will experience micro and macroagressions. They deserve better – much better.

This is a time of uncertainty and as I’ve reached out to the women in my circle, they remind me to find ways to ground myself. To take time to “not ok” while seeking out the support of cherished people who can hold space for you. Sisters, you are not in this alone & you don’t have to do it all”.

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