It’s essential that you tune into what your body needs to reach optimal wellness. By practicing mindfulness you can be more present and show up better for yourself and those around you! Here’s 10 simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Take a moment to journal your thoughts

Writing out your thoughts is an easy way to clear your mind when feeling overwhelmed. Have you tried it before?Take a moment and get lost in your journal or digital notepad! 

Meditate in a way that makes sense to you

Carving out time to meditate, free of distractions can be quite calming. There are endless ways to meditate, which can look different for everyone! Find a technique that works for your preference and unique lifestyle!

Take a few deep breaths 

Slowing down your breath and taking some minutes to focus on your breathing patterns can be relaxing in stressful situations. This is a lot easier than you think. Inhale….exhale.

Maintain movement when it’s the right time

Adding an activity you enjoy to your daily routine can help you re-center after a hectic day! If your body craves it, use exercise as a way to practice mindfulness. Here’s a blog on ways to maintain movement all winter by our Physical Therapist Contributor Rachel.

Prioritize rest…you need it

It is crucial that we allocate the appropriate amount of time our body needs to recharge and replenish so that we can make the most of the holiday season! That’s right, get that beauty sleep in. This is vital.

Tune in to your bodily cues

Along with recognizing when your body needs rest, it is important that we pay attention to other cues as well. Be aware of what your body needs and honor it! It works hard to keep you alive and thriving!

Eat intuitively

Become the expert of your body! Paying attention to hunger and fullness cues and then honoring it through nourishment, is a great way to be more mindful. For an example, eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. This can take away from the stress that comes with eating around the holidays.

Nourish yourself with foods you enjoy the most

Let’s be real, there can be a lot of pressure this time of year to eat a certain way, but it is important to fill yourself up with what you enjoy and makes you feel great! Eat the cookies, go for that hearty soup, have a slice of that pie, eat the greens if you want to and indulge in a cup of creamy hot chocolate if that is what you’re craving. You’ll be so much more happier and….sane! 

Practice self-love always

You made it through a crazy year. Take time to reflect. Celebrate your victories (the big and small) and practice self-love, everyday.

Express gratitude everyday

The holidays can be a bit consuming, and expressing how grateful you are can help you focus on what this time of the year is really all about!

Mindfulness looks different for everyone, and what may be grounding to one person, isn’t for another. Establishing a routine that will honor your unique needs and bring you peace is very essential. 

Let’s flourish into the new year together! *Cheers*