Written by FH Contributor Lauryn Woodruff

Spending time with family is a great way to bond and create memories. It is even more rewarding when the time we spend with families can benefit our health. Today is Family Health and Fitness Day! It is a day to spend time with loved ones and promote the use of parks and recreation to promote overall health and wellness of the community. Here are 9 ways you and your family can participate in some activities that will benefit your health, while having loads of fun!


1. Get outside! Go for a walk or hike. 

2. Plant a summer vegetable or flower together.

3. Have a picnic meal.

4. Go to the beach or create your own in the backyard (get an inflatable pool!)

5. Build your own obstacle course.

6. Do a fitness or health challenge. 

7. Play a sport or game together.

8. Meditate together.

9. Visit a local farmer’s market