Another year, another … resolution? Your health and wellness is not a resolution, it’s a lifelong journey you must commit to. Many people start the new year with good intentions to accomplish certain goals, only to then set their goals aside when life gets busy. This year is about making realistic and individualized goals that will fit with your lifestyle. You don’t need to follow every new diet that is created, or listen to every new “wellness thing” you see in the media. It’s time to stop following, and be the leader of yourself.

Changing behaviors is hard work and It takes a lot of time and effort, but it is doable if you put your mind to it! Remember, we want to flourish all year long and that can only happen if you commit. A new year is a great opportunity to start off fresh. No matter where you are in your wellness journey, there is always something you can improve.

If you struggled with accomplishing your goals in 2018, consider these 5 tips to help you get started on making your plan for a healthier 2019.

1. Get moving

Exercise gives you energy, helps you maintain a healthy weight and may even help you live longer. If you weren’t all about exercising before, your time is now! Exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym if you don’t want to. There are tons of classes out there including dance, yoga, barre, boxing and more. If you are looking for budget friendly exercises you can find great workout videos to do from your home online, taking advantage of your neighborhood park, walking around your house or even taking the stairs! Find ways to be active that you find enjoyable, rewarding and achievable. Let  exercise be something you want to do rather than something you have to do.

2. Manage your time

How do you manage your time? Time management can be a struggle. There’s always so much to do in our personal and work lives and sometimes there is so little time to make it all happen. Time management requires discipline and planning. If it’s done right, it will make your days more productive and lower your stress levels. Make a schedule and organize your days in advance, this can be a great step.

3. Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals and draft out a plan of how you will get there. Studies show that people who set realistic goals, are more likely to achieve them. Focus on 1-2 goals at a time, and pace yourself. Find ways to stay motivated and always keep a positive attitude. Write down your goals, track your progress and congratulate yourself for all the wins – big and small.

4. More self-care

How are you taking care of yourself? You need some loving too. Practicing self-care, is a way to give yourself a chance to take a step back and breathe. Life gets crazy and burnouts are no fun, which is why you need a moment to recollect and enjoy some “you” time. Make time for important things in your daily routine, like eating well and exercising and whatever else makes your mind, body and spirit feel at ease.

5. Tune in to your body

Are you really, truly in tune with…YOU? Mindfulness means to pay more careful attention in a particular way. When you are mindful, you are more conscious and aware of what is going on outside, and in your own skin. Take a deep breathe, get to a quiet space and be more present. A few ways to practice mindfulness include stretching, journaling, listening to your body’s cravings and deep breathing. Figure out what makes you feel more in tune with your body.

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