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Ladies! It’s sweet Northwest cherry season, which means now is the best time to load up so you can eat them while they’re at their freshest. And, don’t forget to stock up now and simply freeze, dry or can them to enjoy their health benefits all year.

Not only do you get to enjoy the amazing taste of sweet cherries, but you also reap the wonderful vitamins, minerals and plant compounds they have to offer — which are super beneficial to your overall health.

Sweet cherries can be added to the eating plan of women struggling with reproductive health issues such as fibroids or PCOS, and conditions like diabetes and heart disease. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should add sweet cherries to your eating routine this summer and beyond.


1. Packed with anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties

The pigment that gives sweet cherries that deep red color signifies that they have a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Sweet cherries contain anthocyanins, which may reduce markers of inflammation associated with chronic disease if eaten on a regular basis. Increased inflammation is an underlying cause of numerous chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. If you suffer from endometriosis, adding anti-inflammatory foods like cherries may help alleviate various symptoms, like pain if that’s something you are dealing with.

2. Might help with sleep quality 

Many women deal with occasional sleeplessness, sometimes related to everyday stress. One of the few plant sources of melatonin, sweet cherries are a natural, flavorful aid in improving the quality of sleep. Eating cherries about an hour before bedtime may help stabilize and regulate sleep patterns. How amazing is that?

3. Will help to keep your bowels regular and help to balance hormones

Regular consumption of fiber-rich foods can help to reduce excess estrogen from accumulating in your body, which is especially important for women who struggle with reproductive health issues such as fibroids. Are you constipated on the regular? A cup of sweet cherries delivers about three grams of fiber, or about 12% of the daily value from USDA Dietary Guidelines. Just two cups of fruit daily can contribute to keeping your bowels moving on the regular, help to balance hormones, maintain weight, and help with diabetes prevention and management as well as improved cardiovascular health. 

4. Will satisfy your sweet cravings while keeping your blood sugars steady

If you have to manage your blood sugar levels due to a health condition like diabetes or PCOS, you can satisfy a sweet tooth without worry. Cherries boast a lower glycemic index making it a wonderful addition to your diet. They release glucose slowly and evenly, so blood sugar levels stay steady longer. 

A few ways to consume sweet cherries:

  • Add them to refreshing summer mocktails and cocktails!
  • Top them on your favorite ice cream or plain Greek yogurt!
  • Add them to oats or a hot cereal. 
  • Use them as one of your toppings on flatbread with brie cheese…yum!
  • Pair it with a fish dish like this One-Pan Herb Sweet Cherry Halibut

What about the pits?

If you’re eating sweet cherries on their own (have you tried frozen cherries? yum!) you just need to bite with caution. Go ahead and eat around the pit. If you’re planning to use them in a recipe, grab a cherry pitter, chopstick or a fork and push it into the cherry until you hit the pit and pop it out. Also, a narrow-mouth bottle works great to contain any juice mess. Just place the cherry on top and push the pit into the bottle!

If you love sweet cherries, leave a comment and share how you enjoy them!

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