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Digestive health can impact overall health so it is important that we actively take steps to help keep us feeling our best! Here are three easy lifestyle considerations that you can do to help support your digestive health and overall wellness.

1. Chew your food thoroughly 

Chewing your food thoroughly is an easy step we can all take to help support digestion. Slowing down the process of eating and taking the time to break down food to appropriate sizes, may allow for a smoother digestive process. It is important to be conscious of our eating patterns, and recognize when we are consuming our food too quickly. Slowing down each meal may help in the way the food is digested!

2. Eat foods with fiber 

Eating foods rich in fiber is very beneficial because it can help promote regularity and support our gut microbiota. It is recommended that the fiber we consume come from a variety of sources, including whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The Institute of Medicine recommends 25 grams of fiber per day for adult women. Tip: An easy way to add more fiber is to include oats in your eating routine multiple times per week! And to further help with fiber intake, Quaker Instant Oats High Fiber delivers 35% of the daily value for fiber per serving, making it easier to reach your daily fiber recommendation. Grab a bowl and enjoy it!

3. Eat Mindfully 

An eating routine that lacks wholesome foods on a regular basis may throw your gut out of whack. To avoid altering the balance, it is important to learn and practice mindful eating. This can be done in various different ways such as choosing nourishing foods, eating in moderation, and listening to hunger cues. Food is fuel for the bacteria in your gut. It’s important to be sure you are feeding it the necessary foods to help it thrive.

Maintaining digestive health is one of the most powerful steps you can take to achieve overall health. Through conscious decision making and by incorporating these three easy steps, it can help support your digestive system.