This blog post is sponsored by Campbell’s® Well Yes!®

While we’re making our way through another long winter, sipping steaming hot soups can keep you and your family warm and toasty which is a great reason why it should be a household staple. If you plan on relaxing and cooking less, you’ll want to get in on ready-made sipping soups that are flavorful, convenient and delicious. 

Here are 3 reasons why soup should be a part of your winter routine. 

  1. Nutritious ingredients and keeps you (really) warm

Campbell’s® Well Yes!® soups such as their Harvest Carrot & Ginger Sipping Soup provide purposeful, nutritious ingredients and can help you build a satisfying meal or snack. And when it comes to keeping warm, nothing will warm you up like a bowl of soup. A bowl of your favorite Campbell’s® Well Yes!® soup will warm you from inside out on a cold, chilly night, keeping you toasty warm. Isn’t that the best feeling ever?

  1. Convenient for very busy days

Campbell’s® Well Yes!® sipping soups are a convenient way to incorporate more vegetables into your overall eating routine. They are crafted with on average 1/3 of your daily recommended vegetable servings per sipping cup, which makes it super easy to have delicious and sippable soups in the palm of your hand. And if you have a family, they’ll love it too! Just heat up the microwavable cup and take this soup on the go — it’s the perfect veggie snack for when you’re on the move!

  1. Flavorful & everyone will love

The best ingredients, those that can elevate a dish from bland to bodacious, are usually the simplest. Who has time for complicated ingredients anyway? So, going for soups that have a variety of simple ingredients to enhance the flavor is the best way to go. Well Yes!® Tomato & Sweet Basil Sipping Soup is the epitome of flavor. 

Here are simple ingredients to look for in any soup for guaranteed flavor:

Ginger: Fresh ginger packs tons of warm, pungent and a strong peppery flavor that works so well with vegetables.

Garlic: Garlic can take any soup to a different level of pure deliciousness. It’s nutty and mild and compliments well with most soup ingredients.

Onion: Who doesn’t love a mellow, sweet and savory, meaty sensation? That’s right. Onions really do the job.

And the great thing is, you’ll find these flavorful ingredients in many varieties of Campbell’s® Well Yes!® Soups. Mmm.

Learn more about Campbell’s® Well Yes!® Soups at @CampbellsWellYes on Instagram and check out their website for more delicious sipping soup flavors!