Yes, you can bulk up. Yes you can absolutely save food for future use. Thank goodness for the freezing method. From herbs to fruits and even bread, you can plan ahead of time and still enjoy these foods a few days to months later. Here are 10 foods you can freeze. That’s right, never waste food again.

1. Avocados: Wash and halve the fruits before peeling. Freeze as halves. Just know that frozen avocados can easily become mushy, so they’re perfect for sauces or dips after freezing.

2. Stews and soups: Freeze soups and stews and don’t loose the flavor. Freeze them in ziplock bags and use them when ready! Or an eco-friendly tip – use mini glass containers.

3. Butter: Butter can be frozen right in its wrapper and placed in a freezer bag or wrapped in foil. Try grating frozen butter into doughs for delicious baked goods.

4. Eggs: You can freeze eggs gently whisked and stored in a freezer-friendly container or separated and poured into ice cube trays. (Weird? well…it works). Thawed egg whites may not whip up to a foam as well as fresh eggs, so don’t use them for baked goods like angel food cake or meringue. Do NOT freeze whole eggs with shell. 

5. Ginger: You can freeze chopped or sliced ginger. Wrap tightly and store in an airtight bag. Also, frozen ginger grates easily compared to fresh.

6. Fruit and veggies: Fruits and vegetables can be frozen and used for a later date. Wash, dry and chop them up and place into an airtight bag! Take the veggies out and add to soups and stews and the fruits for smoothies or eat them as a lovely snack!

7. Herbs: Don’t waste your herbs. Please, DON’T. Chop herbs finely, place in ice cube trays, cover with water or olive oil and freeze. Once frozen, place in a freezer bag. Take out cubes as needed to add to stews, soups and other dishes. They won’t work as a garnish (just stick to fresh) but will still kick up the flavor in most of your dishes!

8. Milk: If your milk is getting close to its expiration date, freeze away. It may become grainy so it’s best for cooking and baking rather than drinking. Thaw in the fridge and shake well before using.

9. Bread: Sliced bread and whole loaves freeze extremely well. Actually most bread products do like bagels and muffins. When frozen correctly, bread products will maintain their freshness for at least three months. 

10. Cooked Rice: Make an extra batch when cooking rice (great idea for the busy ladies). If packaged in freezer containers or strong resealable plastic bags, cooked rice may last for up to 6 months! When ready to eat, just reheat, sprinkle some water to add some moisture and microwave or cook in a saucepan until heated through.